Building near or over a strategic public sewer

If you’re building within 6 metres of a strategic public sewer, you will need our approval.  

What is a strategic sewer?

  • A strategic sewer carries waste for a large amount of properties. Typically, they are large (12inches/300mm or greater) in diameter, but they can be smaller diameter and still be strategic.

How will I know if a sewer is strategic?

  • You can access our online mapping system
  • See an example below of what strategic sewers may look like on our records - The sewers appear in bold, blue for a surface water sewer and bold red for a foul sewer.
  • Alternatively, you can call us on 01225 526333 and we can check our records, and let you know whether the sewer is strategic or not.
Example of a strategic sewer record

Why can't I build near to a strategic sewer?

Damage to this type (size) of sewer could affect a significant number of households. If you would like us to assess your proposal, and determine whether its feasible or not, please contact us.

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