Charging arrangements

Charging arrangements

Developer services charging arrangements

From 1 April 2018, our developer charges have been set according to the new rules published by our economic regulator, Ofwat.

We have:

  • Set up-front fixed prices, published in our charging arrangements document.
  • Set infrastructure charges based on the incurred cost of network reinforcement rather than a notional maximum value.
  • Provided a 15% income offset between developers and other customers.
  • Provided the same discount to other competing organisations such as Self-Lay Providers (SLPs) and New Appointees (NAVs).

The services and charges affected include new water and wastewater connections, new water mains and sewers, income offsetting, and infrastructure charges.

For further information please refer to our charging arrangements via the link below. We have also created a new calculator, which will allow you to interactively generate an initial quotation for your project.

The new calculator is available below, for any queries please contact

Consultation on 2020/21 charging arrangements

Our consultation on our 2020/21 developer charges is now live.

Please could you send responses to by 24th December 2019.

Changes made since 1 February 2018

We made some minor revisions to our charges in March and June 2018 after the original published on 1 February 2018. Where the changes were in customers’ benefit we made the changes immediately rather than wait, thereby creating an “interim” version of the charging arrangements between 1 April and 31 May. We consulted on the full scope of the changes between 28 March and 28 May. The remaining changes came into operation on 1 June. The full scope of the changes is as follows:

  • The inclusion of “no excavation and refill” connection charges within table 4-2.
  • The revision of new mains connection charges in table 6-1.
  • A change to the basis of the charge for decommissioning redundant pipe to per linear meter in tables 6-5 and 8-2 (plus the charge originally in table 8-5 moved to 8-2).
  • The inclusion of Deed of Grant and Land Transfer fees for Sewer Adoptions to table 8-4.
  • The inclusion of laying sewers in gardens in table 8-2.
  • The inclusion of a Type 3 Sewer Pumping Station in table 8-2.
  • Plus a number of minor grammatical changes and clarifications.