Water supply and self lay

Water supply and self lay

If you need help with your water supply needs on site, you can call on the expertise of our developer services team to provide you with the best solution that suits your specific need.

Whether you are looking to connect a single property to our network or need to service a new development site, you can choose to have an approved self lay contractor undertake the work, or ask us to provide a cost estimate to carry out the work for you.

The choice is entirely yours to make.

If you choose to employ a self lay contractor, they must be suitably accredited under the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS).

There are also options for a developer to seek a new appointment to provide water and/or sewerage services for a specific geographic area. Find out more on the Ofwat website.

Our central team is based in our Bath office and our regional engineers are based at Bridgwater, Poole and Trowbridge. 

We can offer a wide range of technical advice and guidance about water supply issues on construction sites.

In all cases we aim to provide you with the best customer service experience. However, should you be unhappy with any aspect of the service or solution provided, your complaint should be directed to Nigel Martin, head of developer services, in the first instance.

How we redress our failure to meet the commitments we have made in any aspect of our developer promises and procedures is detailed in our redress statement.

Supply connections

Whether it is a water supply connection or disconnection, you can call on the expertise of our developer services team for help.

We offer a wider range of technical advice and guidance about water supply issues on construction sites.

If you no longer require a water supply, you need to apply for a temporary or permanent disconnection

Automatic fire sprinkler systems

If you are planning to install an automatic fire sprinkler system in a new or existing residential or commercial property, please refer to our policy which sets out how we will work with you to ensure the system meets the Water Fitting Regulations. A pdf of our policy can be downloaded from the resources panel on this page

Water mains

You can requisition us to design and lay a new water main to serve your development.

We will check local network capacity to ensure the system fits into your layout.

You will need to give us soils information so we can check if the site is classed as contaminated - this may affect the choice of pipes and fittings.

Every new water main is pressure tested, sterilised and sampled to make sure it meets our standards before it is put into service.

We also work closely with the fire brigade to ensure there are enough fire hydrants installed on every new housing development to meet its requirements.

Building near a main

If you are planning a new development, an extension to an existing property, building a garage or conservatory, you will need to consider whether there is a water main in the way.

We can provide a copy of our plans showing the location of water mains near to your house or development site.   

If you are unable to alter your plans, we may agree to divert the water main. First we will assess what options are viable and advise what you should do next.

The minimum stand-off distance from a water main is three metres - for larger, deeper or critical mains this easement may increase.