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  • Water resources management plan

    Our water resources management plan sets out how, over the next 25 years, we will balance water supplies with water demands to ensure adequate water supply for our customers, whilst also protecting the environment.

    Water companies are required to prepare and maintain a water resources plan on a five yearly cycle. The plan is produced following guidance provided by the Environment Agency, our environmental regulator, and in accordance with direction from Defra.  

    We last updated our plan in 2014, and projected a surplus of supplies over demands for the full planning period. We have reviewed and updated this plan and produced a new draft for public consultation.

    This updated plan similarly forecasts that, given the investments we have already made, we have access to enough water to meet the needs of our customers for at least the next 25 years without the need to develop new sources of water.

    Nonetheless, we don’t intent to stand still, and are taking forward ambitious proposals to work with our customers and local communities so that together we can reduce the water we take from the environment, improve the resilience of our services, and potentially support areas of the country where water stress is a growing problem.

    In developing our plan, we carried out a detailed review of our demand projections to take account of population growth, housing developments, changing patterns of household water use and changing demands from our commercial customers.

    We have also reviewed potential changes to the yields available from our water sources, including assessing the potential impacts of climate change, and tested our supply system to droughts more severe than observed in the 20th century.

    This plan is currently published as a draft for public consultation, and we welcome your views on our proposals. Download the full draft plan. Paper copies are also available on request. 

    If you wish to comment on the draft plan, please make your representations to the Secretary of State by 1 June 2018, either by post or by email.

    Representations by email should be sent to: and be titled: Wessex Water draft water resources management plan.

    Please also copy the email representations directly to:
    • Wessex Water:
    • the Environment Agency:
    • Ofwat:

    Representations by post should be sent to: 

    Secretary of State, Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) 
    Wessex Water Water Resources Management Plan Consultation 
    Water Resources 
    Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 
    Area 3D 
    Nobel House 
    17 Smith Square 
    SW1P 3JR

    For reasons of national security, information has been excluded from the published draft plan. The information excluded concerns detailed information relating to our water sources and water supply system. If you want to see these documents in order to comment on our plan, please email

    Alongside the draft water resources management plan, we are also publishing water resources market information, which is available here. for the Dry Year planning scenario, and here for the Critical Period scenario.

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