School visits

School visits

22,022 students benefited from school visits and trips to water and sewage treatment works in 2017-18. 

Primary schools

We come to you

We visit on most days throughout the school year, delivering a range of services from a short school assembly to classroom learning.

The sessions for KS1 and KS2 are a mixture of interactive presentations, demonstrations and hands-on science investigations.

With each visit, we design a programme to tie in with your objectives and class teaching.

We can also help primary schools achieve their Eco-schools Green Flag Award.

… or you can come to us

Our programmes (KS2 only) differ between sites to make the most of the facilities during your visit.

Wessex Water education

“Excellent scientific content that linked perfectly with work”

Warminster Preparatory School, Wiltshire

Secondary schools

We can come to you

Our visits - KS3, KS4, GCSE and A-level - tie in with geography and science but have also contributed to business studies, history and computing.

We can also help secondary schools achieve their Eco-schools Green Flag Award.

Some of the themes we can cover in class presentations include:

  • climate change and sustainability
  • catchment management
  • anaerobic digestion of sewage and food wastes to produce renewable energy
  • water supply treatment and sewage treatment
  • how we use geographic information systems to support our work.

We are happy to consider new subject areas and can design customised lesson plans to deliver your objectives.

... or you can come to us

A tour of one of our treatment works is a great way to reinforce students’ classroom understanding of water and sewage treatment and help make their learning relevant to the real world.

Secondary schools education


We support schools in highlighting potential career paths for students.

Many of our jobs require STEM skills but there are just as many jobs needing other skills to support our water supply and sewage treatment operations.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to your students about all our careers.