Accessibility and safety

Stay safe on your visit

We want you to enjoy your time at our reservoirs safely so please follow our code of conduct:

  • remember the reservoirs are for public water supply
  • no dogs are allowed except on any public rights of way which cross over onto our sites and in this instance they should be kept on a leash
  • do not enter the water unless fishing and remember the water is deep in places – swimming is not permitted
  • keep to public areas and follow the warning signs
  • keep children safe at all times
  • respect the wildlife and do not pick wildflowers
  • anglers must purchase a permit and read the rules of the fishery before fishing
  • anglers must check behind them before backcasting
  • please cooperate at all times with the ranger.

No swimming: While our reservoirs may look inviting – especially during warm weather - swimming is not permitted. Reservoirs are used for supplying water to our customers and have automatic equipment under the surface which can operate without warning – causing strong currents.

Other risks include:

  • the water is colder than in lakes and rivers (10C or below) and it is life threatening for an average adult to swim as little as 50 metres
  • the water may be a lot deeper than it looks – with sudden drops
  • reservoirs may contain algae that cannot be seen. This produces several toxins which can kill wild animals, farm livestock and domestic pets. People who come into contact with the toxins can experience skin irritations, headaches, fever, diarrhoea and vomiting
  • many of our reservoirs are in isolated locations so emergency services may not be able to respond quickly enough to assist someone in trouble.