Creating a cleaner Dorset

Creating a cleaner Dorset

Based in Poole, Oceans to Earth was set up by environmentalists Jake Sculthorp and Rosie Bailey with the aim of preserving the natural beauty of our planet. We provided the pair with a grant from our Environment Fund to support a project to clean oceans and coastlines across Dorset.

We caught up with Rosie to find out a bit more about what they have planned.

Firstly, what is Oceans to Earth's goal?

Rosie: Our goal is to inspire our community to reduce their waste and look after our beautiful coastline and the surrounding areas by providing them with the necessary education and resources.

What is the aim of the project?

Rosie: The aim of the project is to become a community hub for borrowing litter picking equipment, along with activity and learning packs for people of all ages. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get involved in beach cleans.

The Oceans to Earth team cleaning a beach in Dorset using their new litter picking equipment.
The Oceans to Earth team cleaning a beach in Dorset using their new litter picking equipment.

How will our funding support the project?

Rosie: We have used the funding to buy litter picking equipment for people in our local community to borrow, enabling them to host their own community litter picks. While we've always been happy to lend out equipment, we previously had a very limited supply. We are now able to provide everything a group needs to host their own litter picks.

Why is this project important?

Rosie: We want to encourage people to make a difference to both the environment and their local community, as well as their own physical and mental health. Litter picking is a great excuse to get outside, stay active and meet new people.

What impact does litter have on the environment?

Rosie: Litter has a huge impact on our environment. In Poole, we're extremely lucky to have such an abundance of wildlife on our doorstep, but litter poses a huge threat to animals - it's now thought that all sea birds have some form of plastic in their stomachs! Rubbish can also find its way into drains which can contribute to blockages.

Can anyone from Poole borrow your equipment?

Rosie: Yes, they can! If you're from the local area and interested in hosting your own litter pick, get in touch with us via our website at or drop us an email at

Written by

Tom Thomson

Junior Content Writer