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Trowbridge education centre is closed for improvements until further notice. Visit our Education page find your nearest education centre.

Trowbridge education centre


Discover how sewage is treated and returned safely to the environment at our Trowbridge education centre.

Things to do

  • Learn about the weird things that end up in our sewers
  • Find out how the living micro-organisms are used to clean sewage
  • Discover how we turn sludge into renewable energy

We’ve just upgraded Trowbridge water recycling centre (sewage treatment works) ready for your visit!

When you visit, you will discover how sewage is treated and returned safely to the environment.

You can learn how we are part of the natural water cycle and explore the challenges that climate change has on both water and sewage treatment.

Plus you can find out how things put into our sewers including non-biodegradable items, fats and oils can have an impact on our works and the environment too.

With the help of a powerful microscope and projector, you can view and learn about the living micro-organisms used in sewage treatment

You can also find out how a recent upgrade to the treatment works means we can now convert sludge into biogas that can be used to generate renewable energy.

How to book Trowbridge

Visits to Trowbridge are free to schools an suitable for pupils in year four and above. If it’s not possible to arrange a site visit, one of our education advisers could visit your school.  

This site is currently closed for improvements until further notice. Take a look at some of our other education centres around the region.

Facilities at Trowbridge

These include: 

  • A fully equipped classroom for up to 35 pupils
  • Literature to use during the visit plus information boards
  • Water recycling centre
  • Class microscope linked to a screen
  • Television, video and internet access
  • Toilets with disabled access

How to find Trowbridge education centre

Bradford Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Postcode: BA14 9AX

Directions: Leave Trowbridge town on the A363 Bradford Road to Bath. As you leave the town behind you, you will see the Moonrakers’ Hotel on the left hand side of the road. Almost opposite this hotel, you will see a farm track/road and solar panel farm. Turn right down this road. Follow the farm road being very aware of tankers and other vehicles using the site. Follow signs through the site to the Education Centre.

There is a barrier across this road on approach to the site. You will need a member of staff to use their pass to open this barrier. Please phone your Education Adviser on arrival here. Then follow this road around through the site until you come to a junction. Turn right down the road and you will need to open a manual gate as you approach the offices on your right. Be aware of cars here arriving and leaving here and please do not park here.

As you approach the electronic gates, they should open automatically. If not, it may be necessary to press the intercom to request them to be opened. Continue along road until you reach a large red brick building, on your left.

There is parking in the compound to the left of this building which is the Education Centre. This should be open for you. Coaches can park outside the building alongside the hedge. A member of the Education team will meet you on arrival.

Trowbridge education centre

Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 9AX