Got a leak?

Helping you - our free 10-day leak repair service

Typically we can fix a leak on your private supply pipe free of charge – usually we will do this within 10 working days or sooner.

There will be times when it might take longer as we prioritise fixing larger leaks on mains or helping customers with an emergency such as no water.

Please bear with us if we can’t book an appointment with you for a while or if we have to wait for consent from the landowner or approval to use traffic lights.

There are a few conditions that apply to our free leak repair service - please see the need to know section.

Fixed in four steps

Step 1: Report the leak. If you send us a picture of the leak it might help us to get the right team to you as quickly as possible.

Step 2: We'll arrange for a leak expert to visit you as soon as possible.

Step 3: We'll investigate the leak and tell you whether we can repair it for free.

Step 4: We'll send a specialist team to repair your leak for free. We may have to return to finish putting things back to how they were.

When we can't fix your leak

If the leak repair is not covered by our free repair service or you don't want us to do the repair, you will need to arrange for a contractor to fix the leak.

When we visit we'll give you 28 days to get the leak fixed. We'll leave a booklet which includes some handy information and explains what could happen if you don't get the leak fixed in this time.

What you need to know

  • We'll look for leaks and repair or replace your supply pipe free of charge during normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm). Visits and repairs outside these times may be chargeable.
  • We’ll repair pipes for you where the length of your private supply pipe from the street boundary is 12m or less. The pipes need to be accessible and not pass under any structure, such as hedges or outbuildings, or tiered gardens
  • There is no limit to the number of repairs we'll carry out for you, but if we think it makes more sense we may want to replace a section of pipe rather than repair it.
  • When we fit a meter we will automatically check for a leak and repair it according to our terms and conditions.
  • If we carry out the work for you, we'll have to excavate on your property. We'll do our best to leave everything as we found it. We can show you examples of the sort of finish we hope to achieve.
  • Customers on our low tariffs or means-tested benefits may qualify for a free leak repair even if their private supply pipe is longer than 12m.

Leakage allowance

If you have a leak and it has increased your bill, don't worry as typically you won't pay more than you usually do. Normally we give a full allowance for water and sewerage charges. If you think you are entitled to an allowance let us know.


Whose pipework is it?

It’s useful to know who’s responsible for the water and sewer pipework serving your property.