Key stage 1

We tailor our school visits and site tours to meet the national curriculum’s requirements for key stage 1 (KS1).

What do we offer?

We cover many programmes of study that make up KS1, such as humans, plants, animals and their habitats.

We work closely with teachers to discuss their specific objectives to ensure we maximise their pupils’ knowledge and understanding.

From whole school assemblies to classroom lessons and STEM workshops, we aim to make learning fun, interactive and engaging.

Our lessons

Our lessons are science based and encourage children to:

  • use practical skills, such as asking questions, making observations and using equipment
  • answer questions, for example, identifying items that are not suitable to be flushed down the toilet
  • gathering and recording data, such as tracking how they use water at home and school
  • think about how, when and where they use water to identify areas where they can save it.

These lessons might also require pupils to use specialist vocabulary - another element of the national curriculum for science.

Finally, we might look at how pupils can spread the message of water conservation among other year groups through a poster project.

Child working on a science experiment

Educational resources for KS1

Download our free educational resources for ages five to seven.

Schools and careers engagement

We work with schools, colleges and universities to make children and students aware of the career opportunities at Wessex Water.