Pipework responsibility - water

If you experience an issue with your water supply, it’s important you know who is responsible for what pipes.

You are responsible for:

  • the maintenance of the plumbing inside your property, including all pipework, water tanks, taps and overflows
  • the service pipe from your property to the street boundary including any pipework crossing third-party land.

If you are unsure about the route of your supply, contact us for advice on location and responsibility.

Pipework Responsibility Supply

Our pipework

We maintain it and fix leaks as quickly as we can.

Your private supply pipe

Your responsibility, bit we'll help you look after it.

Your pipework and fittings

Your responsibility, and you'll need to contact a plumber if you have any problems with them. Find a plumber

Earthing advice

If you suspect your property may be earthed using the water supply pipe, it’s important you contact your electricity company or a qualified electrician for advice.

For homes built before 1966, it used to be common practice for the incoming customer supply pipe to be used for electrical earthing.

The new pipes we install are plastic which don’t provide an electrical earth.

We’ll write to you if we’re carrying out work in your area to renew water supply pipes.