Building near or over a minor public sewer

Build near or over a minor public sewer

We have recently completed a review of our process for building over or near to a sewer.

If you meet our standard criteria you have our consent to proceed. It means you won’t need to contact us.

We own and maintain thousands of kilometres of public sewers. These take away sewage waste, keep the environment clean and are an essential part of everyday life.

Many of our sewers run within private land and are usually found to the front, rear or side of a property. If you are planning a new development or home improvement project, it’s important that you take the appropriate steps to protect our sewer and your new building.

Failure to do this could make it difficult for you to sell your property in the future or cost you money if something goes wrong. To help things go smoothly, we have created a simple three step guide to help:

The first thing you need to do is find out whether there are any public sewers within your land. We have created this guide to help you find the public sewers.

There are no minor public sewers within 3 metres of your new building

You don't need to contact us, and you don't need to review our standard criteria. We have no comments regarding your works. The process ends here.

You are building near to the minor public sewer

e.g with in three metres of it
Find out more here