Floating islands boost biodiversity at Tucking Mill

Floating islands boost biodiversity at Tucking Mill

Three new sections of floating wetland have been installed at Tucking Mill reservoir to improve the ecosystem and fishing experience.

Following a challenging year for the reservoir, where anglers were not able to visit because of the pandemic, predation has caused fish stocks to dwindle, making it hard to fish at the reservoir.

We have installed three new BioHaven floating islands which will provide a perfect habitat for wildlife to thrive and create refuge areas for fish.

About Tucking Mill reservoir

Located near Claverton on the outskirts of Bath, Tucking Mill is our free to access fishery for people with disabilities.

The site has served anglers for many decades and offers benefits such as physical activity, social connection and improved wellbeing through the environment and surrounding nature.

It is close to the Limestone Link natural trail and local footpaths linking the site to Bath, Monkton Combe, Midcombe and Horsecome Vale.

How do floating islands work?

BioHaven floating islands help to form wetland habitats and improve bodies of water, while also providing an immediate greening effect that creates a more attractive site.

The new floating islands, together with other improvements on site, such as refurbished swim platforms and toilet facilities, controlling access, and some fresh fish stock, will hopefully see Tucking Mill bounce back soon.

If you’re interested in visiting the new and improved site, find out more about what you can do there on our Tucking Mill reservoir page.

BioHaven floating islands installed at Tucking Mill reservoir

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