Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and our responsibility to provide them with a service that is essential to life is one that we take very seriously. We want to provide an exceptional service experience that is inclusive and accessible to all.


  • Customers who are able to afford water and sewerage services and effectively manage their water use.
  • High levels of satisfaction by consistently meeting or exceeding expectations; being viewed as a trusted, reliable and preferred service provider.
  • Safe, wholesome and pleasant drinking water that complies with mandatory standards and supports the wellbeing of our customers and communities.
  • The risk of sewer flooding kept to a minimum, with sewerage services that support customers, communities and the environment.
  • Assets operated, maintained and managed responsibly, with sustainability principles and practice fully integrated into the capital programme and scheme choices. Operating, or contributing to, more sustainable alternatives to conventional water management and treatment.
  • Customers, local communities, economic interests, environmental organisations and other stakeholders in our region who are fully engaged in our activities.
  • Regulation that contributes to sustainability as well as delivering high standards for customer service and water and effluent quality.
  • A positive contribution to global society through our activities.

What we are doing 

We aim for the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and our staff go the extra mile whenever they can. Day-to-day feedback shows customers are generally very satisfied with our service and see it as good value for money. But we can always do more, so we continue to compare ourselves with the best service providers across all sectors.

We offer free water saving kits, including sprinkler heads for hosepipes and more efficient showers. We also attend summer shows around our region to encourage customers to be smart about water and run a free education service to schools and community groups covering all aspects of the water cycle.


Repaired 4,300 of our customers leaking pipes for free  Continued to decrease customer bills as a proportion of disposable income  Lowest number of written complaints in the water and sewerage industry 
Retained our government Customer Service Excellence award  Extended opening hours for operational contact
Reduced the number of properties supplied by a single source of water by 36,000 
Educated over 23,000 children/students Reduced customer contacts about drinking water quality  Fixed 90% of leaks reported to us in the same day