Ops centre

Operations centre

Our operations centre is a symbol of the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Wessex Water Operations Centre at Claverton Down

In designing it we set out to:

  • improve our operating efficiency
  • create an excellent working environment that encourages teamwork and informality
  • demonstrate leading edge sustainable development that minimises energy use, maximises recycling and encourages sustainable transport solutions
  • use new technology to improve communications and reduce paper and storage.

Award-winning architects Bennetts Associates were commissioned to design a sympathetic building that met our strong commitment to energy conservation and sustainability.

Work on the design of the building started in January 1998 and planning permission was received in February 1999 when work began on site. Building started three months later and was completed on time in July 2000.

Built on the outskirts of Bath on the site of a former hospital for infectious diseases, the building was hailed as one of the greenest offices in Europe.Recycled material was used during construction and excavated rock was used elsewhere on site - 75% of construction waste was reused.

Key features of the building include:

  • natural ventilation
  • lighting controlled by movement
  • solar power for water heating
  • the collection of rainwater for flushing lavatories.

A green transport plan for the building encourages public transport while a bespoke bus service equipped with cycle racks transports staff to work from the city centre and a nearby park and ride facility.

Our operations centre beat 38 buildings around the world to win the prestigious Building of the Year award from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in 2001.