Catchment partnerships

Catchment partnerships

We’re working in partnership with organisations and individuals across our region to protect and restore the water environment as a part of the catchment based approach (CaBA).

The catchment based approach is a way of working at a river catchment scale to improve the water environment for wildlife and people. By working together, the catchment partnerships aims to:

  • share local knowledge and expertise
  • identify the local challenges
  • deliver cost effective solutions with multiple benefits.   

There are five catchment partnerships, or catchment initiatives, in the Wessex Water region; Bristol Avon, Hampshire Avon, Somerset and under Dorset, Poole Harbour and the Stour. We work with all the catchment partnerships in the region and host two catchment partnerships, Bristol Avon and Poole Harbour, and co-host the Stour catchment initiative with the Dorset Wildlife Trust. 

Catchment partnership

South and West Somerset

A range of organisations have been working together since 2013 to improve the water environment.

Catchment partnership

Bristol Avon

This partnership coordinates and facilitates working together to the benefit of the water environment.

Catchment partnership

Hampshire Avon

Local communities and organisations have been brought together in this partnership to improve the water environment.

Dorset catchment partnerships

The Dorset catchment has three unique catchments: Poole Harbour, Stour and the West Dorset Rivers and Coastal Streams. The Poole Harbour catchment initiative formed in 2012 and Stour in 2014. Each has a delivery group consisting of a range of organisations, groups and authorities dedicated to working together to improve the water environment across Dorset. 

The Dorset strategy group oversees the delivery groups, including the Poole Harbour catchment initiative and the Stour catchment initiative. The Dorset strategy group represents all catchments and sub-catchments in Dorset on water issues to ensure an integrated approach to the management and improvements to achieve Water Framework Directive and Biodiversity 2020 targets. For more information see the Dorset catchment partnerships terms of reference.

Catchment partnership


This initiative involves a wide range of stakeholders with the common aim to improve the Stour water environment.

Catchment partnership

Poole Harbour

One of the first pilots to trial the catchment based approach, this partnership was set up in 2012.