Drainage and wastewater management plan

The water and wastewater industry is a long-term industry where decisions made now can impact the service provided to customers and the environment today and for generations to come.

What are we doing?

In line with a consistent approach across water companies in England and Wales, as developed through the 21st Century drainage programme, we are working with our stakeholders, regulators and customers to produce 25-year drainage and wastewater management plans (DWMPs).

This will involve creating:

  • a company-wide drainage and wastewater management plan
  • drainage and wastewater management catchment plans for Bristol Avon, Dorset, Hampshire Avon and Somerset strategic catchment partnerships.
  • local drainage and wastewater strategies for sewage treatment works catchments with existing or future risks.

Together these will set out how we will plan to enhance our assets and networks to ensure we continue to deliver for our customers and the environment in a sustainable and affordable way and in the face of future challenges such as population growth and climate change.

We have developed a portal where you can find out about the challenges we face in terms of groundwater infiltration, storm overflows performance and some case studies of schemes we have completed to improve our service.

How we are working with partners?

We are working with a range of stakeholders through the Wessex regional flood and coastal committee to identify priority areas and solutions that will deliver benefits for society, the economy and the environment.

We are also working with stakeholders at a strategic management catchment level through catchment partnerships - Bristol Avon, Dorset, Hampshire Avon and Somerset - to develop a more localised understanding and approach to drainage and wastewater management that is appropriate for the area.

What’s next?

Over the coming years we will be working with our stakeholders, regulators and customers to develop more strategies and plans. As these are developed, we will be updating our drainage and wastewater management website and portal.

Drainage and Wastewater Management Portal

Bristol Avon drainage and wastewater management

Bristol Avon spans across parts of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Dorset including key urban areas such as Bath.

Dorset drainage and wastewater management

The rivers Stour, Piddle and Frome and the West Dorset streams are within this catchment area.

Hampshire drainage and wastewater management

Wiltshire, parts of Hampshire, the city of Salisbury and the town of Christchurch make up this area.

Somerset drainage and wastewater management

This area includes the rivers Parrett, Tone, Brue and Axe, the Somerset Levels and Moore and 11 bathing water beaches.

Infiltration reduction plans

Our infiltration reduction plans continue to reduce the risk of groundwater entering public and private sewers and drains.