Pollution incident reduction plan

Pollution Incident Reduction Plan

As a business, one of our four key purposes is to protect and improve the environment. This Pollution Incident Reduction Plan explains what our plans are to minimise pollution incidents.

As an environmental services company, our aim is to ensure that none of the activities we do cause pollution.

Many of the activities we carry out have the potential to cause pollution to the water and land environment if something goes wrong. When sewage (or even clean water) escapes from our systems, it can lead to environmental damage such as high levels of silt or a high organic load that can affect flora and fauna.

Download our Pollution Incident Reduction Plan to find out more about what our plans are to minimise pollution incidents.

2022 Pollution incident reduction plan

Be a pollution spotter

We’re committed to protecting the environment and it’s important if you suspect anything untoward – particularly in or around watercourses – that it’s reported to us.