Regional water resources

Regional water resources

There is a new requirement for water companies to work together to produce regional water resource plans and where possible assess the potential to move water from areas of surplus to areas of deficit.  Wessex Water is proud to be part of the West Country Water Resources Group, along with Bristol Water, South West Water, the Environment Agency and Natural England.

More information on the group can be found at our dedicated West Country Water Resources website.

We are working together to produce our first Regional Water Resources Plan, a draft of which we will consult on in August 2021, before the final plan is published in 2022.  

In addition to producing a regional plan regulators require us to investigate the feasibility of three potential regional schemes over the next five year period.  All the schemes are for the potential benefit of Southern Water who have a supply demand deficit in their area.  Investigations into the first of these schemes known as the ‘West Country North Sources and Transfers’ have been completed. 

The ‘North Sources and Transfers’ investigation considered the potential to develop new resources in Bristol Water’s area and, via transmission through Wessex Water’s area, direct water into resource-constrained Southern Water’s area.  A summary feasibility report on this investigation can be found here:

West Country North Gate 1 report - Sept 2020