Tenants and students

If you are moving into rented accommodation or a student house, you may be unsure what to do about water bills.

Your rent and water bills

Your water bills may be included in your rent - you can find out by checking your tenancy agreement or asking the property owner.

If your water bill is not included, you will need to set up an account with us.

Setting up an account

You can set up an account with us easily and quickly using our online form.

To fill in the form you'll need:

If you are unable to get a meter reading, please call us to arrange a meter reader to visit. We will read it on the weekday you move provided you give us five working day's notice.

Set up a new customer account

Create an account to make paying your bill and updating your details as simple as possible.

Manage your account online

Once your account is set up you can sign up to eBilling so you can view and pay your bills online.

Adding names to the bill

If you are living in a house share, you may want to add more than one name to the bill.

We can add multiple names on the account. The names might not all be on your bill, but you'll all be able to talk to us about the account.

Don't forget that everyone living at the address will be responsible for paying the bill.

End of your tenancy

Only the person named on the account can tell us about the move and close the account.

Once the account is closed you will receive a final bill.

Closing your account

At the end of your tenancy, you can tell us you are moving out by filling in our online form.