Rainwater drainage allowance

If you receive sewerage services from us and all the rainwater drainage from your property does not return to our sewer, you could be entitled to an allowance of £26.

Why do we offer an allowance?

The cost of removing and treating the rainwater that lands on your roof or hard-paved areas is included in the sewerage charges you pay.

We don’t think customers should pay this charge if they can prove the rainwater that lands on their property does not return to our sewer.

Check if you are eligible

Apply for an allowance

Complete our online form to apply for a rainwater drainage allowance.

Will the allowance be backdated?

If you are entitled to the allowance it will be backdated by six years* or to the date you became responsible for charges for the property* or to the date the property was disconnected from the company sewer system for surface water*.

*whichever is the most recent