No water

There are a few reasons your water supply could be interrupted – this guidance will help you find and fix the issue.

Check if we are carrying out work near you

If we are carrying out work in your area, you may experience a temporary interruption to your water supply. View our map to see if we are carrying out emergency or planned work in your area.

We would have sent you a letter 48 hours in advance if the work was planned. We also send text messages about emergency work or issues that could affect your water supply.

Your supply should return to normal after the work has been completed. If it has not, please contact us.

You may also experience discoloured water if we have carried out work near you. If this happens, you should flush your cold water kitchen tap until it runs clear again.

Check your internal plumbing

If we aren’t carrying out work in your area, your internal plumbing may be the issue and you should check your pipework.

Make sure your internal and external stop taps are open and turn on your cold water kitchen tap.

If your cold water kitchen tap is working, your internal plumbing will most likely be the problem. This pipework is your responsibility to fix, so please contact a qualified plumber.

If your cold water kitchen tap isn’t working, please check if your neighbours are also affected. If they have no water too, there will most likely be an issue with our pipework, and you should contact us so we can investigate.