Our charges

Our charges are set annually according to price limits agreed with Ofwat, the industry regulator, every five years.

Charges for 2023-24

Our current charges, applicable from 1 April 2023, are set out below.

Inflation is at its highest level in 40 years. As a result, from 1 April 2023, bills increased by around £3 per month on average for a two-person household with a water meter. A typical household bill for those without a meter increased by around £6 per month. We are aware that this might be a challenge to some of customers in light of the cost of living crisis. Find out more about the bill increase and what this could mean for you.

If you are struggling to pay your bill, or think you might struggle, please don’t worry, we can help you. To find out more about the support we offer and how to apply visit our help to pay page. In addition, we offer support on how to save water and save money and understand what impact this can have on your bill.

Some customers in our region who receive water or sewerage services from other providers may see different bill increases.

Charges for 2024-25

To help you plan ahead, we are expecting our charges to increase from 1 April 2024. Inflation remains high and we are investing more than ever in our services. While we can't confirm the precise increase until February 2024, it could mean a combined water and sewerage bill for a two-person household with a water meter, would increase by around £5 per month. A typical household bill for those not on a meter would increase by around £7 per month.


Who provides your services?

Some customers in our region receive water and sewerage services from two different companies.

Check who provides your services by using our postcode checker.

Our prices from 1 April 2023

Metered charges

Water supply

Meter size

Standing charge per annum

Volumetric charge per cubic metre

Less than 25mm



Sewerage charges

Full standing charge per annum

Abated standing charge* per annum

Volumetric charge per cubic metre




WaterSure Plus

Water supply


Charge per annum



Unmetered charges

Water supply


Standing charge per annum



Poundage charge per £ of rateable value (RV) of the property







The abated standing charge is payable where no part of the property is connected for surface water drainage.



Thames Water area

No standing charge will be made in the Thames Water area.



Garden sprinklers and similar unattended devices per annum

We require sprinkler users to be metered where possible.