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Incidents and planned Work

Your water supply

Check your water quality or learn new ways to save water and save money off your bill.

Your water Water supply

Your wastewater

Have a problem with your wastewater, or have a blockage? Learn how we can help.

Your wastewater Wastewater

Is it my pipework?

Want to know whether the pipework is your responsibility or ours?

Spotted a pollution?

Help us to safeguard the environment - report a pollution to us today

Look out for bogus callers

If in doubt, keep them out. Our advice on how to deal with bogus callers.

Need a plumber?

How do the plumbing regulations affect your home?

How to avoid blockages

Cooking at home? Check out our advice on how to stay block free.

Sewer flooding?

What to do in the unlikely event that your home is flooded with sewage.

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