Sewer pipe responsibility

If you experience an issue with a sewer pipe, such as a blockage, it’s important that you know who is responsible for fixing it.

What sewer pipes are your responsibility?

You are responsible for the drains that serve your home up to the boundary of your property or to the point where it joins with pipework from another property, whichever is closest.

We are responsible for maintaining the drains beyond the boundary of your property. This is called the public sewer network.

Our pipework

We maintain it and will clear any blockages as quickly as we can.

Your external pipework

This is your responsibility, but we can provide guidance to help you look after it.

Your internal pipework

This is your responsibility, and you should contact a drainage contractor if you have a blockage.

Other pipes and systems you are responsible for

You are also responsible for:

  • pipes connected to private treatment systems, such as septic tanks, soakaways and private treatment works
  • systems which do not connect to the public sewer, such as rainwater pipes that discharge directly into a watercourse
  • internal drainage pipes or above-ground pipework, such as guttering or vent stacks.

Watch our video to learn more about the sewer pipes, systems and fittings you are responsible for.