Help understanding your bill

Find out what each section of your bill means and learn more about what you pay for.

How to read your bill

View our guidance on reading your bill if you need help understanding it.

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If you are unsure who provides your services

The type of bill you receive from us will depend on what services we provide to you.

If your bill only has Wessex Water’s logo on it – this means both your water and sewerage services are provided by us.

If your bill has Wessex Water and Bristol Water’s logos on it – this means your water is supplied by Bristol Water and your sewerage services are provided by us.

If you receive a bill from us and one from another water company – this means your water is supplied by either Bournemouth Water or Cholderton and District Water Company, and your sewerage services are provided by us.

Your bill will be sent by Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (BWBSL), a joint venture company owned by Wessex Water and Bristol Water. This joint arrangement relates to billing and payments only.

What do you pay for?

Your bill is made up of the following charges:

  • Water – the charge for supplying your home with fresh tap water.
  • Sewerage – the charge for taking away and cleaning your wastewater.
  • Rainwater – the charge for taking away rainwater that enters our sewers after landing on your property – you may be entitled to a rainwater drainage allowance.
  • Highway drainage – the charge for taking away the water that enters our sewers from roads and footpaths.
  • Standing charges – the charge for our other services, such as customer service, maintaining and improving our infrastructure and reading meters.

How your bill is calculated

Our charges are set annually according to price limits agreed with Ofwat, the industry regulator, every five years.

We then use these charges to calculate your bill. Whether or not your property is metered will impact how much you pay.
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