6 free water saving devices for your home

Water supply customers can get their hands on a number of free water saving devices by signing up to our handy water calculator GetWaterFit.

If you’re on a meter, installing water saving devices and gadgets in your home will help you save money on your water bill.

The useful tool also allows you to monitor your water usage and raise money for charity.

These are the six free items you can order once you have signed up:

1. Water-efficient showerhead

The average shower uses between 10 and 15 litres of water per minute, but a water-efficient showerhead only uses eight litres.

By installing the water-efficient showerhead we offer, you could save more than 7,000 litres of water per year!

2. Shower time

We recommend keeping your showers to around four minutes. If you struggle to keep track of the time when showering, a timer could come in handy.

Keep an eye on the timer while you shower so that you know when it’s time to get out. Over time, this will help you make lots of savings.

3. Leaky Loo detection strips

A leaking toilet wastes between 200 and 400 litres of water per day, and they can be hard to spot. By applying a leak detection strip to the back of the pan, you should be able to see when water is leaking from your cistern.

More information about how to spot a leaking toilet, how we can help, and what to do if you find a leak can be found in this blog post.

4. Buffaloo cistern bag

Around 30% of the water used in the home is used to flush the toilet. Our Buffaloo cistern bag could help you to save 1.2 litres of water with every flush.

The Buffaloo is a plastic bag that expands and takes some of the space inside the cistern which would usually be filled by water, allowing your toilet to use less water with each flush.

5. Tap aerators 

Fitting tap aerators will help you save water in the kitchen and bathroom. They mix air with the water, increasing the pressure while reducing the amount of water that comes out.

The tap inserts we offer have a flow rate of five litres per minute and save the average household up to £36 per year.

6. Cornflower growing kit 

The kit contains a packet of cornflower seeds, a bottle top waterer and two soil growing discs to plant the seeds. Plant them during summer and watch them flower next year!

The bottle top waterer can help you to make use of single-use plastic bottles you might have otherwise thrown away and is far more water-efficient than a hosepipe.

More information about how to save water in the home and garden can be found at www.wessexwater.co.uk/save-water

Written by

Tom Thomson

Junior Content Writer

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