River or road flooding

River or road flooding

Heavy rainfall can lead to localised flooding which may affect your property, open spaces or roads.  

If this happens contact: 

  • your local council to report a road is flooded or to request sandbags to protect your home. You can also buy sandbags from a builders' merchants  
  • the Highways England or listen to your local BBC radio station to find out if any roads are closed due to flooding  
  • the Environment Agency Floodline on 0345 988 1188 if you are concerned about rising water levels in a river near you or want information about flood warnings.

You can listen to recorded flood warning information for your area or speak to an operator for advice 24 hours a day.  

The Environment Agency is responsible for building, maintaining and operating flood defences and for issuing flood warnings to the public.  

Localised flooding occurs:  

  • when gullies are blocked  
  • when rainwater overwhelms highway drains  
  • in areas where drainage is poor.
Flood responsibility

Sewer flooding

In the unlikely event that your property is flooded with sewage internally or externally, please call our floodline on 0345 600 4 600 (24 hours).

For further information see our sewer flooding help and advice section.