Priority services

Priority Services

We want to give all our customers the best service at all times. We know that everyone's needs are different and we can help through Priority Services.

If you have particular requirements due to your age, ill health, a disability, mental illness or additional needs, register for Priority Services so that we can take this into account.  

When you sign up for Priority Services you can:

  • ensure you always have easy access to water
  • choose how you receive your bill and information
  • ask for help with reading your meter
  • set up a password for when we visit.

If you require additional help from us, you may also need help from your energy supplier(s). Energy companies offer similar schemes and support.  

Find out more about how you can register for the Priority Services offered by your electricity distributor.

Electricity distributors

Electricity distributors also offer Priority Services, such as, password schemes or bills in large print/braille.

If you're medically dependent on electricity, elderly or disabled and potentially vulnerable in a power cut, or you have specific communication needs, you may want to sign up to your electricity distributor's Priority Services register.

In our region there are two companies that distribute electricity - the map below shows whether you live in the area supplied by Western Power Distribution (see area 7) or Scottish and Southern Electricity Network (area 9).

Find your electricity distributor.

Map showing distribution of electricity companies in the UK

Western Power Distribution logo
Priority Services Register

Western Power Priority Services Register

Western Power Distribution distributes electricity in the South West area. If you have a power cut, call 105.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks logo

Scottish & Southern Priority Services Register

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks distributes electricity in central southern England. If you have a power cut, call 105.

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