Bogus callers and scams

Our tips below will help you to avoid falling victim to a bogus caller or scam which could result in you being duped into parting with your personal information, valuables and money.

Bogus callers: if in doubt, keep them out!

If you think someone is not a real Wessex Water employee, contact the police immediately.

Bogus callers often prey on elderly or vulnerable people by pretending they work for a water company to con their way into homes.

All our staff carry photographic identification and we operate a password system where requested. To set one up, sign up to Priority Services.

It is very rare that one of our staff would need to enter your home – if they do need to enter they will always show their identity card first and will be happy to wait while you confirm their identity.

Telephone calls: be aware!

A bogus telephone call can involve demands for water bill payments where you are pressurised for card payment details or told a direct debit has failed and you need to make an immediate payment. 

We would never put a customer under pressure to make a payment in this way. 

If this happens to you, end the call and call our billing team on 0345 600 3 600 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, Saturday, 8am to 2pm).

Recorded telephone calls 

You may receive a recorded telephone call from us advising or updating you about operational work in your area such as a leak or low water pressure. 

These messages will alway start with “Message from Wessex Water”. It may end by asking you to press 1 to confirm that you have heard it - it is safe to press 1. 

Remember we will never ask for personal details such as passwords or bank details from you.

Text messages

All genuine text messages from Wessex Water will have “Wessex Water” as the sender information.

We use text messages to inform customers of water supply interruptions or incidents that they should be aware of.

We never ask customers for bank details or to make payments by text. You can be added to our official text service by updating your details.


Charging premium rates to call us

Some companies provide an unofficial Wessex Water telephone number which when rung will charge you an extortionate amounts of money before being transferred to our official number.

These can sometimes be found when you use an internet search engine to look up a number. To find the right number to call go to our contact us page.

Malicious emails

Fraudulent emails might include our logo and initially appear to be from Wessex Water when they are not. These are becoming more and more sophisticated. 

Signs to look out for are where there appears to be a sense of urgency, for example, the threat that unless you act immediately your account may be closed. 

If the email is addressed “Dear Customer” it could also be a sign that it is fraudulent. Emails from us will use your title and name and include your account number. 

We will only send you emails from the following addresses: or 

If you are suspicious do not click on any links or open any attachments and never provide personal information such as user name, password or bank details.