Plumbing regulations - public events

Plumbing at public events

If you're planning a public event, like a festival, and require a temporary drinking water supply, it must be protected from contamination. 

Our keeping drinking water safe at public events leaflet provides some key information and details on who to contact to discuss your plans. 

Non-household customers should contact their retailer to discuss their needs. 

If a connection to the public mains supply is provided for the event, a fittings inspection must be carried out by our team. 

They will check for issues likely to cause contamination. Fluids deemed as posing the highest risk to human health are categorised as fluid category 5. Examples of fluid category 5 fittings are hose union taps (garden taps) which should not be used in public event situations. 

Inspectors will check for the following:

  • the incoming water supply
  • the location and sizes of pumps
  • the connection of WCs, wash hand basins and showers
  • drinking water points
  • food preparation areas
  • facilities for animals
  • the length of pipes running above ground is kept to a minimum
  • standpipes do not have hosepipes attached
  • plain ended bib taps or self closing, non-concussive taps are used.

If hose union taps have been used, the hose connection must be removed and an outlet nut installed so that it is difficult to remove without tools.