Improving St Paul’s Adventure Playground

APE (Art, Play and Environment) Project aims to enhance the lives of children in Bristol by providing access to play opportunities and activities.

The charity will use our funding to make improvements to its community garden for the benefit of local young people.

We interviewed Stan Jones, who volunteers at APE Project, to learn more about the charity…

What is the purpose of APE Project?

Stan: Our main purpose is to challenge cultural, economic and social disadvantage by providing free, accessible activities and opportunities that support our community. We have tried to create an inclusive and safe space for children to play and grow together.

How does the charity support its community?

Stan: We hold a lot of our activities at St Paul's Adventure Playground in Bristol and a number of families have said the playground is their home away from home. APE Project has a massive influence on young people in the area and is critical to their development.

St Paul’s Adventure Playground in Bristol.

Tell us about your time at APE Project!

Stan: I originally began volunteering with the charity at age 14 to achieve my Duke of Edinburgh’s award, but I fell in love with the ‘family feel’ and never left. I have now been here for three years and in this time, I have helped with a number of fundraising and development projects.

Have you been volunteering during the pandemic?

Stan: Yes, after a fire destroyed half of our outdoor play structure earlier this year, I was involved in the rebuild. It has been transformed into an amazing new space for the kids and we are aiming to have it back open before autumn.

How will our funding help the charity?

Stan: Wessex Water’s funding will pay for the installation of a water harvesting and irrigation system at the top of our playground. The new system will allow the children to maintain our community garden, vegetable plot and wildlife pond, while also saving a huge amount of water!

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