Support for scouts in Bristol

For nearly 20 years, Bristol Muslim Scouts has been providing progressive development opportunities for young people through a range of activities. We have provided the group with funding from our Environment Fund 2022 to help them purchase new equipment for an environmental project.

We spoke with Mariam Cheema, who is an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader, to find out more.

Tell us a bit about Bristol Muslim Scouts.

We launched in 2003 and have been working with children aged six to 14 ever since. The young people we work with learn and develop through non-formal educational activities. They learn by doing, sharing, meeting others and practically being of service to others. There are lots of activities and events that contribute to their development, giving them skills for life (such as team building and leadership skills), confidence and friendships. Young people of any or no faith are welcome to take part.

What has our funding been used for?

The funding has enabled us to purchase a rotavator, strimmer, lawn mower, gardening tools, flower seeds and water butts. This will allow our scouts and their family members to carry out various environmentally-friendly gardening activities as part of our Bug’s Life Environmental Project.

Bristol Muslim Scouts digging outside

How will the scouts benefit from the new equipment?

So far, the scouts and their families have used some of the equipment to clear an overgrown space, collect resources, build bug hotels and plant flowers. This has taught them how to use gardening equipment safely and work as part of a team, as well as helping them to understand the importance of the environment and water. Our new and improved outdoor space can be used for activities, such as fire lighting, cooking, axe and saw demonstrations, pioneering, building structures and gardening.

How will the project support the environment?

Our new flowers will attract bees and encourage pollination, helping to increase biodiversity in the area. There is also an allotment nearby which will benefit from some of our activities. The scouts have been researching different insects and painting their favourite bugs on tiles, helping them to gain a better understanding of the role they play. Our new water butts will also allow us to reuse rainwater instead of using as much fresh water.