UK-first sewer technology protects the Parrett

Technology not seen before in the UK has helped Wessex Water upgrade a sewer beneath the River Parrett in Bridgwater, protecting the environment and saving almost £1 million in the process.

Forty-year-old pipework near the Bristol Road pumping station had to be replaced, work that normally requires horizontal drilling and deep trenches that would have a significant impact on the river and surrounding area.

Instead, after carrying out CCTV surveys and environmental impact assessments, we used pioneering 'no dig' technology to re-line the sewer with an epoxy resin – work which was completed in three weeks and cost £900,000 less than traditional techniques.

Julian Britton, sewer rehabilitation manager, said: "The Cured In Place Pipeline (CIPP) lining solution enabled us to work smartly and safely, making sure our customers got the best value for money.

"Beyond this, we massively reduced our carbon footprint by using trenchless technology that removed lorry movements from the roads.

"This is the first CIPP liner of this specification to be used in the UK and will prolong the life of the sewer, as well as safeguarding river water quality."

Wessex Water is spending £1.4 billion over the next five years to provide an outstanding service, protect and further improve the environment and contribute to the communities it serves.