Community Connectors Bridport

We are working with communities in Bridport to achieve shared environmental and social goals.

About Bridport

Bridport is a historic town close to the coast in rural West Dorset. As a popular holiday destination, tourism is extremely important for the economy, employment opportunities and vitality of the area.

We supply the town via groundwater aquifers that feed into Dottery reservoir in the north and Bothenhampton reservoir in the south, where water is stored before it is distributed to customers.

Wastewater is collected from homes and businesses via our sewer network and is treated at our West Bay water recycling centre before it is safely returned back into the environment.

Map of Bridport

Dottery reservoir

1.2m litres of water per day

Bothernhampton reservoir

1.9m litres of water per day

West Bay water recycling centre

  • Around 14,700

    people live in Bridport

  • Around 14.6m

    litres of sewage are cleaned every day in Bridport during wet weather

  • Around 3.1m

    litres of water are used per day by homes in Bridport

About the project

This is a two-year pilot project, which will help us build a new framework for how we support all our communities in the future.

As one of our pilot areas, we have established a local advisory group in Bridport to help us work with the wider community. Through a series of community engagement activities, we have agreed our shared priorities for change and are co-designing projects to tackle them.

A combination of Wessex Water and community-led projects, funded by the Wessex Water Foundation, will deliver improvements to the environment, benefit the lives of local people and help make progress towards achieving our shared goals.

How are we working with the community?

This project consists of four separate phases to ensure we effectively work with local communities to achieve our shared goals.

What we have achieved so far

In addition to the work we have done with local community groups so far, we have already started having an impact in the following areas.