Holdenhurst education centre

Visit Holdenhurst education centre to learn about how sewage is treated.

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Centre currently closed

Holdenhurst Education Centre is closed for improvements until further notice. Your next nearest education centre is Christchurch. 

Things to do

Holdenhurst water recycling centre receives all the wastewater from the residents, visitors and businesses in Bournemouth.

At the centre, your class will learn about the weird things that end up in our sewers, the living microorganisms that are used to clean sewage, and how we turn sludge into renewable energy.

They will discover how water companies fit into the natural water cycle and the challenges posed by climate change, as well as gaining an insight into how we help to protect local beaches.

We also cover the impact non-biodegradable items and fats, oils and grease (FOGs) have on the sewer network and the environment.

Holdenhurst offers a range of activities for key stage 2 pupils through to A level students, as well as being popular with university and college students studying geography or environmental courses.


  • Fully equipped classroom for up to 40 pupils
  • Literature and information boards
  • Equipment for scientific investigations
  • Microscope linked to a large screen projector
  • Television, video and internet access
  • Water recycling centre
  • Toilets
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Finding Holdenhurst education centre

Riverside Avenue,

Castle Lane,

East Bournemouth,


Holdenhurst Education Centre Location