How to find and read your meter

How to read your meter

We normally read your meter every six months as long as we can gain access to it.

Find your meter

Step 1

Check your home is metered. You can find your water meter serial number on your bill. If you don't have a bill or haven't moved in yet, contact us.

Step 2

If you have a meter, you are likely to find it near your property's boundary. Look in your garden or the pavement outside. It's usually inside an underground chamber which is covered with a lid marked 'water'.

Step 3

If you don't find it outside, it may be inside your home - either under the sink or near the stop tap. If you live in a flat or or apartment, you might find your water meter and stop tap in a cabinet inside the building. Your meter should be marked with your flat number.

Water meter dial showing location of serial number and meter reading
Your water meter should look like this. We need the black figures only.

Read your meter

Step 1

Lift the outer lid using a flat-headed screwdriver. Internal meters don't have a lid.

Step 2

Remove the polystyrene cover if there is one. If there's an inner metal lid, pull it up to see the meter face. Remember to put this back when you've taken the reading because it helps to protect against frost damage.

Step 3

Check that the serial number on your bill matches the one on the meter. If so, you can now read the meter.

Step 4

Your meter should look like the one above. If you are sending us a meter reading, we need the black figures only - these record whole cubic metres (m3).