Rats and rodents

If you discover evidence of rats or rodents near or on your property, you should contact the environmental health department at your local council.

Contacting the council

Your local council will be able to provide guidance or advice to help identify where the rats have come from.

In some cases, they can offer rat baiting above ground or recommend a pest controller.

You can find out more about pest control from the British Pest Control Association.

Find your local council by searching online

Rats in the sewer network

Rats often nest in sewers or use them as networks.

If the local council confirms the rats are coming from the public sewer, we can arrange a visit to investigate.

We will carry out CCTV to identify any potential defects in the sewer.

If the rats are escaping from your drain, you will be responsible for the necessary repairs.

Find out more about sewer pipe responsibility.