Dealing with burst pipes

Learn about the common causes of burst pipes and what to do if you experience one in your home.

Why do pipes burst?

Pipes most commonly burst when the water inside of them freezes. This causes the pipe to expand and pressure to increase.

If the pressure becomes too much, the pipe will burst, which can result in a water leak that damages your property. 

Pipes can also burst and leak because of age and wear, poor installation and maintenance, clogs and blockages, excessively high water pressure, and ground movement.

What to do if you have a burst pipe

You should act immediately to limit or prevent water damage if a pipe has burst in your home.

How to thaw frozen pipes

If you have a frozen pipe, thaw it straight away to prevent a burst.

How to prevent frozen pipes

To reduce the likelihood of your pipes freezing, lag the ones that are exposed to cold.