Water hardness and limescale

If your home is supplied with hard water, find out what you can do if it causes limescale to build up.

About hard water

It is water that has trickled through layers of limestone, chalk or rock underground. This causes the water to have a high mineral content with lots of calcium and magnesium.

The good news is that hard water has known health benefits, particularly for bone health.

But it can cause limescale to build up on taps, shower heads and other appliances.

Check your water quality and hardness

Use our postcode checker to find out about the water quality and hardness in your area.

How to reduce water hardness

You can install a domestic water softener in your home using an approved supplier. Because softeners add higher levels of sodium to the water, it is recommended that you leave your kitchen tap unsoftened for drinking water and food preparation.

Water conditioners are also available. These alter the nature of the hardness minerals which form hard scale when the water is heated. Unlike softeners, they do this without changing the chemical content of the water.

How to reduce limescale

Watch our video to learn about how to reduce and clear limescale from your appliances.