Backwell Lake

Backwell Lake

Backwell Lake is a haven for a range of wildlife, including birds, wildflowers, dragonflies and bats along with beautiful scenic views.

Situated between Backwell and Nailsea in North Somerset, this site is open to the public at all times for visitors to enjoy.

Backwell Lake

between Backwell and Nailsea, North Somerset, BS48 1TN
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Explore Backwell Lake

Walking and wildlife | Protecting the wildlife

Walking and wildlife

Whatever time of day you visit Backwell Lake, you’ll see a variety of wildlife, such as rare animals and insects and flourishing wildflowers and orchids.

The lake supports more than 10 species of birds, including mute swans, tufted ducks and grey herons.

As you make your way around the lake, see which ones you can spot. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may even see some dragonflies – at least 19 species of common and rare dragonflies have been recorded at the lake.

Some bat species have also been spotted at dusk and dawn.

Backwell path surrounded by trees on a sunny day
Backwell Reservoir

Protecting the wildlife

Please help us to protect this wildlife haven by:

  • not fishing, cycling and swimming 
  • supervising children at all times
  • keeping a safe distance from the water
  • placing litter in bins provided or taking it home with you
  • keeping dogs on leads and disposing of their waste safely in onsite bins
  • using the car park only if you are visiting the lake. 

Caring for our sites

Close up shot of a giant hogweed plant

Invasive non-native species (INNS)

INNS are plants and animals that have been brought into this country from other parts of the world and cause harm to our native species and habitats. Find out more about INNS, how to identify them and what we are doing to control the spread.

Close up shot of a butterfly on a flower

Wildlife and conservation: access

We recognise our responsibilities to conserve and enhance wildlife and heritage on our land and provide access for the public where possible. Find out how we are looking after our region and its wildlife and habitat. 

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