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Our education advisers can visit your school or we can arrange for your students to visit one of our education centres.

Take a trip to us

A day trip out of the classroom to one of our education centres will give you and your students first hand experience of the work we do.

From den building at Ashford to a look back at Sutton Poyntz to the Victorian era when safe water was brought to Weymouth, each of our sites offers an opportunity to discover and learn.

Your class can learn about how we treat and supply water, recycle waste water safely back to the environment and our role in the natural water cycle.

Many of our sites give pupils an opportunity to gain practical experience from pond dipping to exploring hidden habitats.

Our experienced education advisers will plan your visit to meet your curriculum needs while ensuring that every student has a valuable learning experience.

Book a visit

Or arrange for an adviser to visit your school

Throughout the school year our team of education advisers visit hundreds of schools to deliver a range of services from school assemblies to classroom learning.

From key stage one through to key stage four, our team can tailor their visit to your school to meet your curriculum and class teaching needs.

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