Tips on how to save water in the home and garden

Saving water

By using less water you can help to make sure there is enough for us and the environment, while also saving some money on your bills.Make every drop matter

How you can help:

We are reducing leakage by renewing ageing water mains and locating and fixing leaks using the latest technology. You can help by reporting any leaks you see.

You can also play your part by saving water in your home and garden, which will not only help the environment but it will also lower your water bill, if you have a water meter, and your energy bill.

Our top tips will help you to save water throughout your home and garden.

Apply for a meter

Typically more than 90% of our customers save an average of £100 a year by moving to a meter.

Working with schools 

Book an education visit or download water saving education resources.

Spotted a leak? 

Let us know as soon as possible so we can repair it and reduce wasted water.