Tips on how to save water in the home and garden

Saving water

With more people at home at the moment, people are using more water at different times of the day. Make every drop matter

During dry weather we see a higher demand for water. That doesn’t mean we’re running out of water, but getting it through pipes quickly enough can prove challenging. 

How you can help:

  • not watering your lawn – it will recover when it rains
  • reuse water, such as paddling pool and washing up water, on your garden
  • water plants in the morning,  instead of the evening, using a watering can.

By working together we can save water to ensure there is enough for us and the environment.

We are reducing leakage by renewing ageing water mains and our engineers locate and fix leaks using the latest technology.

You can help by reporting any leaks you see.

You can also play your part by saving water in your home, which will not only help the environment but it will also lower your water bill, if you have a water meter, and your energy bill.

Our top tips will help you to save water throughout your home and garden.

Save every drop

Watch our video to make every drop matter and reduce the amount of water you use

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Free water saving pack

Our free water saving pack has devices to help you save water in your home. It contains:

  • a four-minute shower timer to remind you when it is time to get out of the shower
  • a cistern bag to save 1.2 litres every time you flush (not suitable for dual flush toilets, or for cisterns with a capacity of less than seven litres)
  • a leaky loo strip to help you identify if your toilet has a leak.
  • a twin tap aerator kit to save up to 18 litres a day.

Order your free water saving pack

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Switch and save

Switching to a water meter could help you to save water and money - typically more than 90% of our customers save an average of £100 a year by moving to a meter.

Our Money Back Guarantee means switching is now risk free.

To estimate your water use to check if you’d save by switching to a meter, use our water calculator.

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