Saving water in the garden

Save water in the garden

In the UK our gardens get plenty of rain most of the year, however, in the summer months they can become thirsty. 

If you water wisely it is possible to care for your plants without it damaging either your wallet or the environment.  

Here are six steps you can take to take to become a water saving star:   

Buy dry weather plants

Below are a few planting ideas to get you started.

Create extra shade

Plant trees and shrubs or use hedges and climber-covered trellises to form cool green walls

It might rain tomorrow!

Check the forecast before watering

Use a watering can

Sprinklers are wasteful.

Recycle your water

Use cooled bath water on your plants or buy a water butt to capture rain.

Water plants when it's cool

Water your plants in the mornings and evenings - less will be lost through evaporation.

Common sage

Suitable for sunny spots in a container or well-drained ground, sage should be watered lightly until it is established. Pinching the tips will encourage bushy growth.


These popular plants produce clusters of beautiful flowers on attractive, fragrant foliage. Capable of blooming all summer long, they are excellent as container plants for window boxes and borders.


All varieties of lavender love well-drained soil and can cope with hot summer conditions. Don't plant it too early in the year when it's cold and wet - May onwards is ideal.  

Lemon thyme

Tough and durable, this shrub is easy to grow in rocky or sandy soil and enjoys full sun. It is perfect for edging or border fronts and releases a wonderful citrus scent. 

Perovskia 'blue spire'

A combination of power-blue flowers and silver foliage, this Russian sage is a colourful addition to any garden. It enjoys a sunny position in well-drained soil.  


This shrub thrives in sunny, sheltered locations and can cope with light watering. Clipping in late spring will make more shoots grow. Rosemary attracts bees and pollinators.


These plants are easy to grow and are tolerant of both heat and lack of water. They are well suited to patio or decking containers, window boxes or mass bedding.

Water saving in the garden

Want more ideas on how to make your garden more water efficient? Take a look at our leaflet.