How you can save water in the home

Save water in the home 

These simple tips could cut your metered water and sewerage bill by as much as 18%.

That’s a saving of up to 29 litres of water per person per day. 

Turn off the tap

Turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, wash or shave could save up to 18 litres a day

Take the four  minute shower challenge

Every minute less spent in the shower saves 10 litres.

Flush less often

One less flush a day could save seven litres.

Fix any leaks

A leaking toilet, tap or shower can waste more than 200 litres a day!

Fill your washing machine

One wash less a week could save you seven litres a day.

Use a washing up bowl

Using a bowl and not leaving the tap running when you wash up can save up to nine litres a minute.

Free water saving pack

To help you save water in the home, you can order these water saving products:

  • a four-minute shower timer to remind you when it is time to get out of the shower  
  • a cistern bag to save 1.2 litres every time you flush (not suitable for dual flush toilets, or for cisterns with a capacity of less than seven litres)  
  • a toothy timer – brush your teeth for two minutes and remember to turn off the tap  
  • a twin tap aerator kit to save up to 18 litres a day.  

Order your free water saving pack