Save water and money on your water bill with GetWaterFit

Save water to make your home more efficient

GetWaterFit is Wessex Water’s handy water calculator that can help you save water, save money on your water bill and raise money for charity. 

GetWaterFit and...

Save on water bills

Get FREE water saving devices

Raise money for charity by saving water

Save every drop – our top water saving tips

If you’ve ever wondered “how much water does a shower use in 10 minutes?” or “how much water does a dishwasher use every day?” then GetWaterFit can tell you, as well as offer advice to get your home more water efficient. 

Plus, when you complete the water calculator, you’ll be able to instantly claim some FREE water saving devices that we’ll send to you in the post. 

It’s free to sign up and doesn’t take long to complete, so start saving water today.