Water meters

Water meters

Be smart, switch to a meter

It's free to switch to a meter and on average customers save £100 per year. And with our money back guarantee switching to a meter is risk free.

Please note: As a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak we are unable to accept applications to switch to a meter at this time as we are focusing on essential work only during this critical period. We will update this page when applications re-open.

If you have already applied for a meter, we will process your application and fit a meter as soon as our teams are able to safely do so. 

We are continuing to read meters as this is an essential service that allows us to monitor water usage and detect any leaks, avoiding the unnecessary wastage of water.

Thank you for your understanding.


It's free to have a meter fitted in most homes

Lower bills

The less water you use, the smaller your bill

Save £100 per year

The average amount you could save

No risk

Our Meter Money Back guarantee makes switching risk free

The right choice for you?

That depends on:

  • how much water you use - find out using our water calculator
  • the number of people in your home
  • the condition of your internal pipework and appliances.

After you have completed the water calculator, our metered bill estimator will work out your annual bill if you switched to a meter.

how much COULD you save?

Find out with this easy-to-use calculator