Fishing at Clatworthy

Fishing at Clatworthy


Soak in the stunning scenery while you fish from a boat

Season dates: 1st April – 30th November 2021.

Clatworthy is a haven for those who love to fly-fish - the trout in the reservoir are always looking up and most of the time can be found cruising just under the surface. A well presented dry fly is often enough to produce a take.

Undulating hills surround this reservoir which has a capacity of 1,180 million gallons and has depths of up to 96 feet - it means water temperatures can stay low into early summer.

One of the best ways to fish Clatworthy is from a boat; it allows you to cover the fish and explore the many bays and arms of the reservoir. Clatworthy has nine fishing boats plus a wheelchair-friendly boat for anglers with disabilities and their helpers.

The dam area is popular with boat anglers, especially in the summer as the destratification line provides plenty of oxygen in that area, the numerous bays and coves lend themselves to exploration by boat and you can get a really good drift in plenty of surface action when there’s hatch on.

fish at clatworthy
Boat Anglers at Clatworthy

The fishing is traditional fly techniques, early season intermediate lines are popular with blue flash damsels and cats whiskers, while in the summer months the coch-y-bonddu beetles and hopper patterns can provide some excellent surface action.

    Top tips and tactics

  • When the beetle is in full swing, it can often pay to go against the obvious and fish sub surface with either a klinkhammer or a shipman buzzer.
  • When fishing becomes difficult on the bank in the warmer months keep on the move, this allows you to cover more water and increases your chance of catching fish.
  • Down-sizing leader is important in warmer months as is fishing with a slow retrieve or static.
  • Fish tight to the margins to begin with, the fish will often move in very close.
  • Dry fly techniques are very successful - match the hatch when the hawthorn, coch-y-bonddu, and daddies are about.

Clatworthy Fly Fishing Club

Clatworthy Fly Fishing Club holds regular competitions and social events throughout the year, which promote fly fishing to all ages and abilities.