Clatworthy Reservoir

Clatworthy Reservoir

Experience great walks, wildlife and fishing in west Somerset

Situated on the edge of Exmoor National Park, Clatworthy Reservoir lies in the Brendon Hills, west Somerset and offers some of the best fly fishing in the West Country.

You can also walk the Clatworthy Round which is a five-mile-long route that goes around the entire reservoir.

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Clatworthy Reservoir

Date: Tuesday 9 August
Time: 11am - 3pm
Location: Clatworthy Reservoir picnic area
Postcode: TA4 2EJ
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Activities: Wildlife spotting, scavenger hunts, fishing games and water filter building

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Clatworthy Reservoir

Clatworthy, Somerset, TA4 2EJ
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Clatworthy Reservoir is a haven for those who love to fly fish. The trout in the reservoir can often be found cruising just under the surface – a well-presented dry fly is often enough to produce a take.

One of the best ways to fish at Clatworthy is from a boat, as it allows anglers to explore the reservoir’s many bays, coves and arms. With nine fishing boats and a wheelchair-accessible boat for anglers with disabilities, anyone can take to the water at Clatworthy.

The dam area is popular with boat anglers, especially during summer when lots of fish gather in this area. The reservoir, which has a capacity of 1,180 million gallons and reaches depths of up to 96 feet, is surrounded by impressive hills that make for a great view while fishing.

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You can either walk the reservoir’s Clatworthy Round or Woodland Trail – both of which provide you with the opportunity to see an array of amazing wildlife and scenic views.

The Clatworthy Round is a walk of the entire five-mile perimeter of the reservoir. It’s a fantastic route that can take around three hours to complete. There are picnic benches located at intervals along the route so that walkers can have a rest or something to eat and drink.

The Woodland Trail is a shorter loop of approximately one mile that takes around 45 minutes to complete. The trail crosses the dam and then takes you along a footpath through our nature-rich woodland. By following the path, you will eventually reach the ramparts of the Iron Age hill fort before returning to the starting point by walking along a wide track.

Both routes are mainly on natural surfaces and have sections of both ascent and descent, while also being steep and uneven in places, so walkers are encouraged to wear sturdy footwear.


Clatworthy is surrounded by steep bracken banks and ancient woodland, making it the perfect habitat for a variety of wildlife. The site is home to numerous wildflowers, bat and bird species, as well as more than 1,000 invertebrate species.

We are constantly working to conserve the reservoir’s 400-year-old woodlands and rare acid grassland which act as homes for the wildlife present across the site. You can explore these species while you walk around the reservoir.

From the collection of waders and waterfowl that reside on the water to the birds that can be found living in the woods, the site makes for a fantastic location to go birdwatching. During the summer months, you will also see a number of beautiful butterflies throughout the site.

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Caring for our sites

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Invasive non-native species (INNS)

INNS are plants and animals that have been brought into this country from other parts of the world and cause harm to our native species and habitats. Find out more about INNS, how to identify them and what we are doing to control the spread.

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Wildlife and conservation: access

We recognise our responsibilities to conserve and enhance wildlife and heritage on our land and provide access for the public where possible. Find out how we are looking after our region and its wildlife and habitat. 

Site improvements

Clatworthy site improvements

The Clatworthy improvement project will make visiting the reservoir easier for those with less mobility and improve the quality of the facilities provided, in particular, the viewing area.
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